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Where is my order confirmation?

You will receive an email confirmation to the email address you entered on your order. If you have not received an email confirmation, please check your spam folder. If you have not received an email confirmation, then the order has not gone through or you did not enter your email address correctly. Please contact ( )

Was I charged more than once?

What you are seeing on your bank account is an authorization (a common bank practice handling credit card transactions to ensure sufficient funds and account authenticity). Depending on your bank, pending authorizations on your account will clear within 3 - 7 business days. If you need help speeding up the process, you can contact the issuing bank of your credit card. (Please only click the “Place Order” button once to avoid multiple authorizations)

How can I become a dealer inside Canada Or The  United States?

Please send an email to ( )

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are not currently allowed for online purchases. Please only click the “Place Order” button once to avoid multiple purchases.

How can I change something on my order?

Assuming the desired change is applicable, please contact ( ) immediately. Once our warehouse has processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes so your changes must be done within order processing time.

When will my order ship?

Shipping times may vary due to availability of merchandise and high demand volume. Please note to allow up to 5 business days for order processing and verification.

How can I get sponsored by Cristal Cartel ?

Since we are a growing company, it wouldn't be possible to sponsor every celebrity, athlete, group, artist or band. Typically we seek out artists / models constantly touring and shooting videos and or photo shoots, constantly on social media platforms, We typically look for a mutual support where we are both providing the other partner with something. If you do not fall into that category you may send an email anyway and some exceptions may apply for certain people we think fit the face of the brand properly, but do not be offended if you are not contacted/ chosen Thanks for your understanding.

How can I become a model for Cristal Cartel?

We look for certain looks that will fit our clothing line and people who stand out / are unique, if this does not apply to you, you can submit an email to ( ) but do not be offended if not contacted back / chosen. remember that our clothing models are both ambassadors and clients of our brand and if you do not support the brand we in return will choose to support someone else who is helping us grow.

Do you have a catalog?

Catalogs are currently only distributed to retailers / stockists and catalogs are not distributed to consumers and if so are placed for sale within the "store" section, please do not email us asking to order one unless you are interested in bringing our brand / stocking our brand at your store / location.

Can I contact you directly with any questions?

Please email ( ) with any questions regarding your order. Please keep in mind that we are busy and your reply may take 5 or so business days.

- Cristal Cartel Team